It Officially Happened, Finally!


We want to personally reach out to you and let you know, we have officially opened our own brokerage office! After 8 amazing successful years with Tom Crimmins Realty, we have ventured out and became our own office with the name Bhuiyan Properties. We are now located on 2162 Forest Ave, on the 2nd Floor in Staten Island, NY. Our office number hasn’t changed, (347) 450- 6855.

Please don’t hesitate to connect with us if you have any questions and/or want to help with your next Real Estate Transaction! We are servicing all the Five Boroughs & we can go abroad as any where in the New York State!

As we close up this year & the holidays are in season. We understand that with COVID19 its not easy to celebrate events without taking risk. But we hope to have a super-grand0-opening in the near future. At the same time we are very thankful for all our Partners, Clients & Customers who got us this for since 2014.

To a very prosperous & adventurous future for all of us!

Yes, We Are Hiring too!

Are you looking to become a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson? or Are you considering changing your office? We are looking to hire! Please connect with us at your earliest to discuss some opportunities.